Testimonials & Case Studies

Testimonials and Customer Case Studies  


Dun & Bradstreet, Inc. | Technology

“We use Messageware Attachview as part of our mobile email solution to provide our team members with easy access to email attachments via Outlook Web Access. With AttachView we have peace of mind that our confidential attachments do not end up in the wrong hands.” Pete Siggers – Leader, End User Computing, Dun & Bradstreet, Inc.

Arizona Federal Credit Union | Banking

“We initially sought out Messageware for their Plus Pack product 8 years ago. We wanted to make it easier for our employees to email each other and to ensure professional communication. A year later we began to grow concerned about some of the security deficiencies in OWA and upgraded to the Messageware OWA Suite. We have 500 tellers who use OWA exclusively for email access. By having the added benefit of the security products we can ensure that someone doesn’t go to lunch and leave an active session open. Our users love Messageware because it has made it look and function like desktop Outlook.” Randy Lyman – Senior Network Administrator, Arizona Federal Credit Union

Kessler International | Forensics

“As the President of the leading international corporate investigations, forensic accounting and computer forensics firm, security is of utmost importance to me. We originally deployed Messageware’s entire suite of products a few years ago as part of a major IT security project and have been using them ever since. I now can sleep easy knowing that our staff can securely access email whether they are on the road traveling to a job site or working from their home.”

Oyco Systems | ASP

“The Messageware OWA Suite has provided us with essential OWA security functionality that enables us to use email from any location without worrying about outside. An added benefit is being able to view PowerPoint and movie files from any computer without needing the application installed on the local machine. Messageware has made OWA 2003 more useable and in turn allows us to offer features to our customers above and beyond our competition.”

First Federal Savings Bank | Banking

“The Plus Pack is running great, as did the previous version. We have experienced ZERO problems with it. We have rolled it out to a large group for testing and then will be going wide open over the course of the next couple months.”

St. Joseph’s Hospital | Healthcare

“While it’s generally accepted that spelling mistakes in an e-mail are “OK”, I can tell you that nothing deflates a potent e-mail among influential people faster than an embarrassing spelling mistake. It simply diverts attention from your message. It’s a distraction one cannot afford in critical e-mails Your product removes this “distraction” for users of Outlook Web Access!”

Franklin Special School District | Education

“This product [Plus Pack] has made 600 e-mail users very happy. I will remember this product as I visit other agencies and colleagues in the field, and will praise it highly.”

Axcelis | Technology

“With NavGuard installed, from the moment a user tries to navigate away from their OWA session it’s like a steel door slamming shut”

International School of Beijing | Higher Education

“Your product is actually so good that we even forgot it is installed. No trouble with it at all!”

Case Studies

Dignity-Health-LogoNation’s Fifth Largest Hospital System Relieves OWA Security Concerns with Messageware OWA Guard

“After looking at a number of different solutions, Dignity Health chose Messageware OWA Guard for logon security and analytics.” Read the full case study

Messageware Rings up Security & Savings for Large National Retailer

“Messageware’s technical team created the first ever commercial biometric user interface for OWA, supporting both fingerprint and iris scanning.” Read the full case study

Relief Agency Cures their OWA Security Concerns in 26 Countries with Messageware OWA Suite

“Considering the significant enterprise risk the agency has to manage, their alternative to implementing Messageware OWA Suite was to turn off Outlook Web Access completely, which was not an option.” Read the full case study

Credit Union Outpaces Industry Security Standards, Enhances Email Security With Messageware AttachView

“… sensitive data in the form of email attachments would undoubtedly be pushed out to OWA users. If even one user inadvertently allowed member information to reach unauthorized individuals, data could be compromised…” Read the full case study

Torpedo Garage Hits Its Target With New OWA Desktop, Giving Employees Outlook Amenities They Miss Most

“With OWA Desktop, organizations can leverage all the benefits of cloud-based email, without the transitional headaches. It’s customizable, easy to deploy, flexible-and best of all it saves real money.” Read the full case study

Clarity Imaging Technologies, Inc. I Printing

“With Messageware we were able to provide our users with the tools they needed, out of the box. Our OWA deployment would never have accomplished our goals without them.” Read the full case study

Oxford University | Education

“Messageware’s two products were totally unique. We couldn’t find anything else on the market like them. The cross-functionality amongst browsers was as close to the Internet Explorer offering as we could get.” Read the full case study

Canadian Federal Agency | Government

“Any organization that decides to deploy OWA should seriously consider Messageware’s OWA Suite. That’s how valuable we’ve found it to be.” Read the full case study

Kingston University | Education

“Messageware has repeatedly proven itself,” Nicholls said. “We’re confident that its products will continue to allow our users to get a close-to-Outlook desktop experience anywhere, anytime.” Read the full case study

Wentworth-Douglass Hospital | Healthcare

“There’s no question Messageware OWA Suite 2009 has made the rollout of OWA more successful,” stated Paul. “Our power users have told us that having calendar sharing and personalized spell check made the transition much easier.” Read the full case study

Extra Space | Diversified Services

“There’s no question Messageware OWA Suite 2009 has made the rollout of OWA more successful,” stated Paul. “Our power users have told us that having calendar sharing and personalized spell check made the transition much easier.” Read the full case study

Calgary Health Region | Healthcare

Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 enhanced by Messageware OWA Suite enables Calgary Health Region’s 30,000 employees to deliver health care services across 100 locations Read the full case study

Global Micro | ASP

“The combined Global Micro and Messageware solution provides our customers with a unique product offering that sets us apart from our competition.” - JJ Milner, Founder and Managing Director Read the full case study

Formues | Financial Services

Messageware’s custom development team integrates OWA with wealth management firm’s CRM system so the company can achieve true cloud-computing mobility. Read the full case study

Laura Canada | Retail

Messageware OWA Suite provides leading Canadian retailer with the ability to share calendars and contacts, print calendars and send Microsoft Office files directly from within OWA. Read the full case study

Large Educational Organization | Education

A large state educational organization upgrades to Microsoft Exchange 2007 and realizes modifications must be made in short order to ensure Outlook Web Access complies with their internal privacy policies. The company deploys Messageware OWA Suite 2009 along with custom developed address list segregation, ensuring compliance with their duty of care requirement. Read the full case study

Schwartz Brothers Restaurants | Leisure

“I was instantly surprised at how well the global address feature worked, said Noble Ferrero, Systems Administrator for Schwartz Brothers.“ And the dictionary allows users to add words they use often, which is important when you’re dealing in exotic ingredients and menu items.” Read the full case study

The NorthWest Company | Retail

“We chose Messageware AttachView because it would allow our OWA users to do their jobs from any location without compromising our company’s strict security standards.” Read the full case study

St. Michael’s University School | Education

The motto of St. Michael’s University School in Victoria, British Columbia is nihil magnum nisi bonum: “nothing is great unless it is good.” That sage statement could have been applied to the school’s web-based email system which was serviceable…but needed further enhancement. Read the full case study

Episcopal Diocese of Washington | Religous Institution

“In the last 5 years, we and other religious organizations have come to the realization that not only can we not ignore technology anymore, but that technology like Messageware CalendarShare can help us to better achieve our goals.” Read the full case study

Century 21 Alliance | Real Estate

Within just a month of their Plus Pack implementation, Century 21’s email usage skyrocketed to 95% of their users utilizing it on a regular basis. Read the full case study

Lloyd’s of London | Banking

Lloyd’s Information Security team chose Messageware AttachView based on an exhaustive search for the best possible answer for securing Internet based email. Read the full case study

State of Delaware | Government

“Plus Pack is a very straightforward, reasonably priced product that delivers many enhanced features to OWA,” according to Douglas Lilly, Senior Telecommunications Technologist for Delaware’s Department of Technology and Information.” Read the full case study