Messageware OWA Software Solutions

Messageware’s OWA Software Solutions provide corporations and OWA users with essential OWA security and productivity features that are not natively available, allowing corporations to deploy a complete email solution with confidence.

Messageware provides OWA Solutions for all versions of Exchange, as well as for On-Premise, Office 365, and Hosted Email environments.


Critical Application & End-Point Security

Messageware’s security software enhances Exchange with a series of valuable endpoint, in-application security products, built specifically for Exchange OWA. Users are able to quickly identify when security events arise, and can take pro-active measures to mitigate these security risks. Administrators are able to set and enforce granular security policies and assist in preventing employees from inadvertently exposing and leaving sensitive company data on computers outside of the corporate network.


Essential Outlook Web App Features

Messageware’s add-ons enhance Outlook Web App and Outlook Web Access, providing core functionality that enables OWA to operate more like desktop Outlook. OWA users will enjoy a richer and more extensive email experience, while those users migrating to OWA from Outlook will benefit from a more familiar email environment and smooth transition.