“At the recent G8 Summit, SessionGuard provided the assurance we needed to limit our security risks.”

Messageware SessionGuard

SessionGuard blocks the reuse of login credentials after users exit Outlook Web Access.

After users exit OWA, anyone can regain access to their account and compromise corporate information simply by clicking the back button on the browser or selecting from the list of most recently viewed pages. Messageware SessionGuard blocks the reuse of login credentials after users exit Outlook Web Access.

Exchange 2003

Key Features: SessionGuard For Exchange 2003

  • Provides Peace of Mind that your email system is secure.
  • Enforces Company Security Policies by allowing the Exchange administrator to apply custom security policies.
  • Prevents Unauthorized Individuals from accessing corporate information, simply by blocking login credential reuse after users exit Outlook Web Access.
  • Safeguards Against All Browsers and computers.
  • Safeguard Corporate Information by ensuring that unattended, but active, OWA sessions are terminated when they are left inactive for a predefined period of time.
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After pressing the back button, the user is prompted to re-authenticate.
  • Administrators may choose whether Messageware SessionGuard will enforce a timeout based on user inactivity.
  • SessionGuard is compatible with form based sign-on solutions such as RSA Enterprise Single Sign On, Microsoft ISA FBA and Microsoft Exchange FBA.
  • Administrators may choose whether attempts to breech Messageware SessionGuard security will be audited and written to the Event Log.
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Messageware Software For Exchange 2003

Earlier Versions

Messageware Software For Earlier Versions of Exchange (2000/5.5)

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