Exchange Services

Complete logon security, alerts, monitoring and threat detection for Microsoft Exchange Servers. Real-time collection, analysis and reporting of logon information for the most widely used, and often unprotected, Exchange Services.

  • Protect against email lockout, and logon and password attacks
  • Detection and immediate notification when suspicious activity occurs
  • Extend protection beyond Multifactor to unsecured Exchange Services, including Outlook Web, EWS, ActiveSync and AutoDiscover
Outlook Web

Prevent corporate data loss and exposure that can occur with the use of Outlook (web, desktop, mobile) and iOS Mail by installing Messageware security solutions for Exchange Servers. Provides complete attachment, logon and session security.

  • Secure Outlook attachments in the inbox, contacts, calendar and folders
  • Protect vulnerable Outlook Web (OWA) accounts and active sessions
  • Complete control of a user’s ability to open/view/print an attachment

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