Schedule a Messageware OWA Guard Demo

Learn how OWA Guard can help protect Outlook Web from DoS and Brute Force Attacks. 

Messageware OWA Guard provides advanced authentication security to protect Outlook Web App users and businesses from damaging logon and password attacks, including real-time reporting and alerts of suspicious OWA logon activity.

During the demo we will show you how OWA Guard:

 Protects user logons –  through CAPCHTA, geoblocking, tarpitting, and more.

 Enhances logon policies –  to comply with corporate security plans.

 Provides Security Intelligence Reporting – to help you create, deploy, and manage your organization’s security data.

 Generates automatic alerts – to identify and report suspicious behavior in real-time.

 Tracks and records all logon activity – including successful and unsuccessful logons by user, by location, and much more.

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