Messageware ActiveSend for OWA software
increases worker productivity

ActiveSend gives OWA users the ability to send emails and attachments directly from their Windows workstations such as PDFs, JPGs and Microsoft Office files. ActiveSend makes it possible to send emails from within applications and working documents which makes workers very happy by reducing the extra steps required to manually connect to OWA and attach saved files.

While the decision to utilize OWA at remote locations reduced our support overhead, users required ‘mail:to’ functionality not available with OWA. Messageware ActiveSend for OWA not only gave users the ability to send emails directly from desktop applications, it also reduced bandwidth requirements associated with local email caching.

Messageware OWA Desktop software
helps workers stay connected to customers

OWA Desktop gives employees complete control over their OWA sessions without needing to open a browser window. Messageware enhancements such as real-time email and meeting alerts ensure frontline agents never miss an important communication or meeting, while single-click access allows them to compose emails, set appointments and create tasks effortlessly.

Deploying OWA in our customer service department helped reduce licensing costs, but the lack of notifications in Outlook on the web meant time-sensitive emails were getting overlooked. With OWA Desktop our agents receive an alert for every new message, ensuring we never miss important customer communications.

Messageware Software
Reduces Costs Associated with IT Support

The unique combination of OWA Desktop and ActiveSend creates considerable cost savings by improving workforce productivity. It also lowers the costs associated with Microsoft Outlook licensing, bandwidth allocation (as emails are no longer cached locally), technical support and worker training.

Usage of MS Web Outlook at remote locations required a ‘mailto:’ option to be set and Messageware ActiveSend was the only product that facilitated this change. Utilizing ActiveSend and Web Outlook reduces the remote locations bandwidth because Outlook isn’t caching all email locally.