Security: Exchange Server

Messageware’s On-Premises Security Software enhances Microsoft Exchange Server with a series of valuable endpoint, session, logon and in-application security products, built specifically for Exchange Outlook Web.

Z-Day Guard

Next generation threat hunting that cannot be turned off by malicious software. Monitor your Microsoft Windows Servers against zero-day attacks, with detection, alerting, and response (MDR/MDAR) to server penetrations.

Messageware OWA Guard

EPG Server Guard

Complete Security including Threat Detection, Intelligent Banning, Alerts, Monitoring and Advanced Reporting for Microsoft Exchange Servers. Real-time security to eliminate password attacks and AD account lockouts for Exchange services like OWA, EWS, Autodiscover, ActiveSync and others.

Messageware OWA Guard


Messageware AttachView protects corporate data within an Outlook Web attachment through configurable copy/print/download controls and by ensuring that no information can be left behind on an insecure machine.

Messageware OWA Guard

OWA Guard

Advanced Exchange Server authentication security of the OWA protocol to protect Outlook Web users and businesses from a variety of logon and password attacks through CAPTCHA and intelligent tar pitting; and real-time reporting and alerts of suspicious Outlook Web logon activity.

Messageware NavGuard


NavGuard protects confidential data and Outlook Web sessions from exposure when users leave an active session to browse other sites.

Messageware TimeGuard


TimeGuard protects Outlook Web accounts from users who fail to logoff and close the browser window by automatically ending unattended sessions.