Messageware TimeGuard

Messageware TimeGuard protects confidential information and OWA sessions from exposure, by automatically closing an active OWA session that a user has abandoned, and ensuring that unauthorized users are locked out.

Messageware TimeGuard protects corporate information from access by unauthorized individuals, when a user inadvertently leaves their OWA session active on an unsecured computer. TimeGuard provides the user a friendly prompt when their OWA session has been inactive for a preset amount of time, giving them the option to either extend the session or logoff.

TimeGuard also provides a maximum timeout option which requires users to re-authenticate after a predefined maximum session time has elapsed. Used in conjunction with ISA and forms based authentication (FBA) TimeGuard offers enhanced protection for enterprises and their OWA users.


Safeguard Corporate Information

By ensuring that unattended, but active, OWA sessions are terminated when they have not been accessed for a predefined period of time.

Increased OWA Security

By automatically logging off the OWA user if they do not respond to an inactivity prompt.

User Re-authentication

Requires users to identify themselves after a predetermined maximum session time.

Enforces Company Security Policies

By allowing the Exchange administrator to apply custom security policies based on logon ID, Security Group membership, IP address and Corporate Device Recognition.

ISA & RSA Compatibility

We work closely with other perimeter based security products such as ISA and RSA two factor authentication to provide a complete security solution.

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