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20 07, 2021

Microsoft Exchange – Messageware Q2 2021 Newsletter


The first half of 2021 has been a very challenging period for everyone with Microsoft Exchange Servers. Numerous zero-day attacks and hackers adjusting published code to work-around emergency patches stretched messaging team resources to the limit. Of interest during this period was the increased recognition that we want to know more about what is affecting [...]

25 06, 2021

Microsoft Exchange Server Build Numbers and Release Dates

2021-07-13T10:59:30-04:00Microsoft Exchange|

You can use the information in this article to verify the version of Exchange that is running in your organization. This article is organized in sections that correspond to the major releases of Exchange. Each section lists build numbers for each Service Pack (SP), Cumulative Update (CU), Security Update (SU), or Update Rollup (RU) of [...]

25 06, 2021

Timeline of Microsoft Exchange Server Zero-Day attacks

2021-06-25T08:49:29-04:00Exchange Security|

June 8, 2021 - Microsoft June 2021 Patch Tuesday: 50 vulnerabilities patched, six zero-days exploited in the wild Six out of seven zero-days are being actively used in cyberattacks. ... Microsoft June 2021 Patch Tuesday: 50 vulnerabilities patched, six zero-days ... Last month, Microsoft resolved 55 security flaws, four of which were deemed critical in ... flaws. .… [Read More] May 24, 2021 - [...]

24 06, 2021

Bots Automatically Target Credit Union’s Exchange Servers With Password Spray Attacks

2021-07-27T11:32:03-04:00Exchange Security, OWA Security|

Exchange Server Hacks: Notes From The Field Cybersecurity is a top concern for everyone in the banking and financial sectors, and credit unions are no exception. The speed at which bots discover and target internet-facing Exchange Servers underscores the need for a variety of security solutions to minimize attack surfaces. In our fifth and final [...]

22 06, 2021

Healthcare Provider Adds OWA SendTo / MailTo Functionality for Microsoft 365 with Citrix Profiles

2021-07-27T11:32:16-04:00Outlook Web|

  Microsoft 365 | Exchange Server: Notes From the Field In this edition of notes from the field, we share how a large Healthcare Provider was caught by surprise when they discovered that Microsoft 365 and Outlook Web broke their ability to email vital documents from their Human Resources intranet portal. In this case, the portal [...]

20 06, 2021

Telco Adds Exchange Server Protocol Guard to Prevent AD Lockouts Caused by 2FA Login Software

2021-07-27T11:32:24-04:00Blog, Exchange Security, OWA Security|

Exchange Server: Notes From the Field This case involves attacks at a division of a large Telco with a strong IT team operating more than sixty on-premises servers and mandated 2FA security solution for divisions managing their own Exchange Servers. And then … several incidents lead one Division’s security team to discover that password guessing [...]

18 06, 2021

Global Manufacturer Overcomes Microsoft 365 Limitations for Frontline Workers

2021-07-27T11:32:34-04:00Outlook Web, Productivity|

Microsoft 365 | Exchange Server: Notes From the Field In this edition of notes from the field, we share how a Global Manufacturing company's messaging team was struggling to make Microsoft 365 a success. A single comment summarized the many challenges their Firstline workers were facing: "We've run into use cases where we are bumping [...]

16 06, 2021

Disgruntled ex-employee attacks Exchange Server with Outlook Mobile from their BYOD device

2021-07-27T11:32:43-04:00Blog, Exchange Security, OWA Security|

Exchange Server: Notes from the Field Support staff in a large manufacturing company were experiencing a sudden increase in the number of calls dealing with Active Directory user account lockouts and email password resets. The Exchange Server messaging group reached out to us for help. Together we installed Exchange Protocol Guard (EPG) to find out [...]

11 06, 2021

Utility Provider Adds Send-To Functionality to Adobe Forms in Microsoft 365 OWA

2021-07-27T11:33:03-04:00Outlook Web|

  Microsoft 365 | Exchange Server: Notes From the Field In this edition of notes from the field, we share how a Utility Provider running a Microsoft 365 pilot overcame complaints from field workers about the time required to complete and submit vital health and safety information with fillable Adobe Forms. The challenge came with the [...]

9 06, 2021

Microsoft Exchange – Messageware Q1 2021 Newsletter


March has been a difficult month for everyone with Exchange Servers. The HAFNIUM attack has some damage estimates exceeding 100,000 servers. And while the initial attack goal was data theft (exfiltration), there are now reports that the attack has shifted to ransomware. Microsoft has released a new, one-click mitigation tool, Microsoft Exchange On-Premises Mitigation Tool (which includes Microsoft [...]