Exchange Server Authentication Security

Messageware OWA Guard

Advanced Exchange Server authentication security to protect Outlook Web App users and businesses from a variety of logon and password attacks, and real-time reporting and alerts of suspicious OWA logon activity.

Messageware OWA Guard is the first security application that provides advanced logon intelligence and control for Outlook Web App (OWA). With OWA Guard, an enterprise has a sophisticated set of access controls and real-time monitoring of potential risks to their OWA system. OWA Guard user and system alerts, combined with in-depth analytical reporting, provide the most complete OWA access security intelligence solution on the market today. OWA Guard also works with Microsoft TMG and Microsoft UAG if an enterprise has these products installed.

To achieve the benefits of anywhere, anytime access, Exchange CAS Servers (OWA) must be exposed to the internet, making them ideal targets. It has been very difficult for security administrators to identify and manage the risks that OWA presents. With OWA Guard, enterprises now have the tools and up-to-date information needed to ensure the integrity of users’ accounts and corporate data. IT administrators and security professionals can immediately analyze, customize, and refine their security policies. When armed with information, companies are able to defend and identify a multitude of modern-day password attack threats.


Dynamic OWA CAPTCHA and Recent Activity Page

Are some of the features employed to detect and defend against logon attempts by unauthorized individuals, automated brute-force attacks, password guessers, phishing attacks, and man-in-the-middle attacks.

Customizable logon policies and security checks

Can be configured to comply with individual corporate security plans.

Reporting Services

Provide a full range of ready to use services to help you create, deploy, and manage your organization’s security data.

Generate automatic alerts

To identify and report suspicious behavior in real-time.

Track and record all logon activity

To trace usage patterns and to detect, evade, and analyze threats.

Put security back

Into the hands of your users through increased security awareness that will significantly reduce attack surfaces and windows of vulnerability.