Consulting and Custom Development Services

Messageware Consulting and Development Services assists our customers in maximizing their investment in Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Outlook, Outlook Web and Outlook Mobile.

As an early adopter of Microsoft’s Add-in approach to building functionality for Outlook that can be used on the desktop, web and mobile platforms, we have created both commercial software and customized software for our clients. Utilizing our deep expertise, we can create unique solutions tailored for the business needs of enterprises and individual line of business departments within enterprises.

Our customers work with the Messageware professional development staff to understand their needs and to create solutions that extend and enhance Outlook and Exchange to their specific requirements, and to facilitate the interaction between Outlook, Exchange and Office 365, and other on-prem and cloud-based customer business applications.

All the custom development that we do for our customers is built with the “industrial grade” quality that Messageware designs into all its software, ensuring easy installation, robustness, security, and scalability. With over 25 years of experience we are experts in “future-proofing” the applications we develop for our customers. We support what we build and will work with our customers to assist in migrating the development to future cloud and on-prem Exchange versions.


Highlighted Projects:

  • For an international investment manager: Integration between Outlook Web and their browser-based CRM for message classification
  • For a global financial services organization: Development of an Outlook Web page modeled after the Outlook Today page in Outlook on the desktop.
  • For a large school board: Modifications to the address directory (LDAP) presented to the user by Outlook Web to allow for selection of users by school and class.
  • For a health services organization: Development of calendar printing forms that allow the hospitals to print nursing schedules for posting in hospital wards.
  • For an international petroleum company: Creation of a warning for Outlook and Outlook Web that requires users to confirm the use of reply-all if the number of users in the reply exceeds a pre-set limit.

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