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Messageware NavGuard

Messageware NavGuard protects confidential data and OWA sessions from exposure by preventing users from leaving a session active to browse other sites.

Messageware NavGuard monitors OWA usage and identifies when a user is creating a security vulnerability by navigating away from an active OWA session without first logging off. In a public environment or on a shared computer where the original user leaves the OWA session active because they had forgotten that it was open, the next user on that computer will have unauthorized access to that OWA session without being required to re-authenticate. Even with ISA Server installed, this security vulnerability exists.

NavGuard’s user-friendly prompt alerts the user that a security event is about to occur and offers the user the option of logging off before continuing to another page or returning to the active OWA session. In this way, NavGuard prevents users from creating a security exposure by navigating away from their OWA session.

NavGuard protects against unauthorized access and extends the security provided by forms based authentication (FBA) and 3rd party security products with customizable security policies for OWA to offer greater protection for OWA users.


Logoff from OWA Required

If a user wishes to browse to another page as NavGuard monitors OWA usage and identifies when a user is creating security vulnerability by navigating away from an active OWA session.

Custom Security Polices

NavGuard can be configured by the Exchange Systems Administrator to apply different security policies based on criteria such as logon ID or Security Group membership, IP address and Corporate Device Recognition.

Navigation is Detected

If the user browses away by entering a URL into the address bar, presses the home button, the back button, or clicks on refresh.

Prevents Unauthorized Individuals

From accessing corporate information, simply by hitting the ‘back’ button on a screen where the previous user didn’t log out.

ISA & RSA Compatibility

We work closely with other perimeter based security products such as ISA and RSA two factor authentication to provide a complete security solution.

User Interface:


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