Messageware ActiveSend

Messageware ActiveSend provides Outlook-like convenience and functionality to Outlook Web App users by integrating OWA with Windows, Microsoft Office, and other desktop and web applications. Enable Outlook Web (OWA) as the default mail client.

Messageware ActiveSend allows you to set OWA as your default mail client so that you can integrate OWA with your computer desktop applications in the same way that Outlook does. ActiveSend enables the SendTo functionality, making it possible to for users to send emails directly from within their working documents, as well as allowing them to use the single click File/SendTo command to send documents directly from their desktop and windows explorer. ActiveSend also enables the MailTo functionality within web pages, allowing users to quickly compose emails using OWA. These two functions bridge the gap in functionality, and are not available natively in OWA.

Without ActiveSend: If a user is working within a word document and wants to send the open document by email using OWA, they would need to go through a lengthy process, which includes first saving the document, starting up OWA if it is not already running, logging on to OWA, composing a new email message, and finally attaching the file before it is ready to send.

With ActiveSend: This same process is condensed into one simple step – a one-click on the SendTo button and the file is attached to an email message and is ready to send.


Increase User Productivity

by integrating OWA with computer desktop and web applications. With ActiveSend, OWA users no longer have to save documents to their local computer before attaching the files to an email, saving them both time and effort.

On-Premises and hosted services are supported

including Microsoft Office 365, Hosted Exchange, and other third party service providers.

 Desktop Deployment Support

easily packaged for automated distribution.

Enable the SendTo functionality to send documents and attachments directly with OWA

from within Microsoft Office and other desktop applications. ActiveSend connects your computer applications to OWA, making it possible to send email directly from within your working documents.

Enable the MailTo functionality on web pages

with OWA set as the default email client.

Email multiple files with a single click

from within office applications, your desktop, and windows explorer using OWA as the default mail client.

Add Outlook functionality to OWA

to ease the transition for Outlook users when moving to OWA.

User Interface:

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