Messageware is a leading provider of software for Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange.



Z-Day Guard

Next generation threat hunting that cannot be turned off by malicious software. Monitor your Microsoft Exchange servers against zero-day attacks, with detection, alerting, and response (MDR/MDAR) to server penetrations.

Exchange Protocol Guard

Exchange Protocol Guard provides Microsoft Exchange users with logon intelligence and security controls to protect against password attacks and AD lockout for the most widely used messaging protocols, in addition to real-time reporting, analysis and alerts.

OWA Guard

Advanced Exchange Server authentication security of the OWA protocol to protect Outlook Web users and businesses from a variety of logon and password attacks through CAPTCHA and intelligent tar pitting; and real-time reporting and alerts of suspicious Outlook Web logon activity.


Messageware AttachView protects corporate data within an Outlook Web attachment through configurable copy/print/download controls and by ensuring that no information can be left behind on an insecure machine.


NavGuard protects confidential data and Outlook Web sessions from exposure when users leave an active session to browse other sites.


TimeGuard protects Outlook Web accounts from users who fail to logoff and close the browser window by automatically ending unattended sessions. TimeGuard provides the user a friendly prompt when their OWA session has been inactive for a preset amount of time, giving them the option to either extend the session or logoff.


ActiveSend integrates Outlook Web with Microsoft Office applications, Microsoft Windows and web browsers, bringing “Send-to” and “Mail-to” functionality and productivity to Outlook Web users.

OWA Desktop

OWA Desktop gives Outlook Web users real time email and meeting alerts, automated logon, advanced one-click productivity features and more. No more need for a log-on every time a user would like to view or send a message or access their calendar.

Plus Pack

Messageware Plus Pack improves user productivity and reduces calls to the support desk by making OWA look and operate more like desktop Outlook. Enhance the OWA user experience and increase productivity by providing key features including spell checking, roaming dictionaries, and advanced searching capabilities.


Messageware TakeNote allows you to quickly and easily add private, contextual notes to an email and its sender so that your comments are easily accessible whenever or wherever you need them. This is perfect for adding information to emails to document follow up calls and interactions, or for simple reminders.

Utility Belt

Messageware Utilty Belt provides access to necessary business apps such as a time zone converter, country dialing code lookup, quick calculations, and advanced calendaring, all from within your mail client. No longer do you need to open new programs or search the web for specific information.

Mail Forms

Messageware Mail Forms empowers an organization’s front-line staff to send more powerful and effective emails, with minimal effort. With Mail Forms you can easily access a standardized library of professional email messages to ensure the highest quality of communications with your customers.