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Maintaining security and control of corporate data and providing email access to a highly distributed workforce

Industry: Banking

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Lloyd’s of London Optimizes Internet Based Mail Security


Lloyd’s of London is the world’s leading specialist insurance company providing insurance services to businesses in more than 190 countries and territories worldwide.

Email is heavily relied upon for business communications and the challenge faced by the Lloyd’s Information Technology Group was how to offer a secure email service across desktops and networks that would not always be under the direct control of the central IT function.

Having established Microsoft Exchange as its core messaging system, Outlook Web Access (OWA) seemed to be the ‘natural progression’ for supporting remote and roaming users: OWA could give email access from any web browser session – be it in an Internet café, at home, in an airport lounge or a hotel lobby.

The financial services sector is naturally very concerned about the security of its data at all times and Lloyd’s is no exception. Lloyd’s had to ensure that the use of web-based email did not expose it to any security risks.

“We needed to balance a workable and usable solution while maintaining maximum security requirements when providing Internet based access to corporate email” said Tim Martin, Senior R&D Technical Specialist at Lloyd’s Information Technology Group. “We stipulated that control had to be maintained over the data on the Lloyd’s email servers at all times.”

A possible gap in using web-based email was the issue of opening email attachments: When OWA users open an email attachment, it is stored in the web browser’s file cache. The information stored within the cache could then potentially be accessed by anyone that uses the same computer, even after the original user has logged off from the OWA web session.


Martin and his team realized they needed to protect the integrity of Lloyd’s sensitive financial information with a robust easy to install and implement solution.

Lloyd’s Information Security team chose Messageware AttachView for Outlook Web Access based on an exhaustive search for the best possible answer for securing Internet based email. AttachView overcomes attachment caching by automatically converting email attachments into secured web pages (non-cached HTML files).

With AttachView users can quickly and easily view or print over 200 types of attachments without needing the associated application that created the original file. For example Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat PDF files can be instantly opened and viewed from the user’s web browser without either Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat Reader on the users system. This is of great benefit to remote and roving users in particular.

– Tim Martin Senior R&D Technical Specialist

Combining the abilities of our SSL VPN solution and Messageware AttachView we were able to control which devices can have full access to attachments and which devices can only view attachments. With AttachView we do not have to take into account where the end users are logging in from and they will be able to maximize
their use of the system from wherever they are.


“We try and offer flexible working arrangements and OWA with Messageware AttachView helps Lloyd’s achieve this” said Martin, “Messageware has enabled Lloyd’s to offer a controlled and secure Internet based email system that will help increase both efficiency and productivity from employees who are traveling or working from home.” Messageware AttachView enables Lloyd’s to meet the needs of all employees. “Whilst the ability to access corporate email systems via an Internet connection is fairly straight forward, the management of how that data can be accessed and where that data can be left is not so easy” notes Martin. “Messageware AttachView goes a long way to enabling a realistic working solution into the management of where and how email attachments are accessed and downloaded.”

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