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Relief Agency Cures their OWA Security Concerns in 26 Countries with Messageware OWA Suite


When natural or manmade disasters strike, it’s not unusual for relief workers to pour in. What is unusual is for those workers to certify and provision local medical trainees who can in turn help their fellow countrymen.

This innovative approach to medical aid is the brainchild of a non-profit organization who has won the support of some of the world’s leading
humanitarian organizations. Throughout their long history, indigenous medics have completed their training, traveled back to their communities with a stock of essential equipment, supplies and medicine, and then set up fully functioning clinics.

What started with just a handful of volunteers, the worldwide staff now consists of thousands of people, including medical specialists and other
professionals who have email accounts that allow them to remain in contact in even the most remote areas. While Defense Satellites (DSATs) or United Nations digital networks are often the only source of connectivity, conventional Internet connections are used wherever available.

Because public computers and local Internet cafes serve many times as a primary access point for email, and OWA is an essential application for
their deployed workers, the organizations IT director was concerned about security. His concerns centered on OWA requiring users to have associated applications present when opening attachments to limited log-off security measures. What’s more, as a partner of the federal government, the agency must be compliant with Department of Defense regulations.

In addition to security, the organization desired features to ensure employees’ optimal productivity and connectivity in a business where minutes can mean life or death. At the top of the list, was a way to see and share global calendars and address lists across the enterprise. With operations in dozens of countries and no easy means to keep track of holidays worldwide, they needed a way for their employees to stay on top of office closures not only in their home country, but in all countries in which they operate. In addition, they sought global address list functionality to ensure their employees and volunteers could easily connect, and stay connected, from wherever they are.


The agency’s IT director had worked with Messageware’s OWA enhancement products at another employer and was familiar with the company’s OWA Suite, a comprehensive security and productivity package for Outlook Web Access. From auto logout and Outlook-style addressing to easy calendar sharing and printing, OWA Suite provides the most sought-after features that enterprises seek.

A must-have for the agency, Messageware OWA Suite also ‘shuts the door’ on OWA’s security issues with innovations like TimeGuard, which prompts users to extend their email session or log off after a pre-set time, and AttachView, which converts attachments to protected Web pages for viewing. The agency soon found the Messageware OWA Suite to deliver an exceptional balance of accessibility and protection. With all the personal and confidential information being passed by their workers through email, the organization reported that management was able to sleep better at night having the Messageware OWA Suite in place.

No sooner did the Messageware OWA Suite make its appearance on their Exchange servers, than the IT staff began receiving positive feedback from the field. The agency reported comments from users that things were a little different and that there was more functionality than before. In addition, they commented on NavGuard’s reminders when they browsed away from an email session, and many said they liked the global address and calendar sharing features.

With all the personal and confidential information being passed by their workers through email, the organization reported that management was able to sleep better at night having the Messageware OWA Suite in place.


The organization believes the most important measure of Messageware OWA Suite’s worth is what it didn’t allow to happen, such as a security breach, which they feel more than justifies the purchase.

For their employees the biggest thing has been the ability to render file attachments without implementing the associated apps. The person may
not have Microsoft Office handy, for example, but can still read a Microsoft Word document on the fly, a feature which has impressed people. In addition, employees enjoy being able to see what’s on the company’s global calendar – especially holiday closures and other critical dates – with a single click.

Considering the enterprise risk the company had to manage, their alternative to implementing Messageware OWA Suite was to turn off Outlook Web Access completely, which was not an option. Instead, OWA Suite has given them a ‘set it and forget it’ solution that has lived up to everything it promised to do.

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