Microsoft Exchange – Outlook Web Security

Prevent Data Loss and Document Exposure

Prevent Data exposures and the loss of confidential information that occurs when working with attachments and documents in Outlook Web (OWA) by ensuring that no data is transferred to the user device. You can protect all attachments while users continue to work efficiently.

Improve Logon Security and Report on Suspicious Activity

Advanced Microsoft Exchange server security to protect Outlook Web users and businesses from a variety of logon and password attacks, and analyze real-time usage. Receive automated alerts of suspicious logon activity.

Protecting OWA & Active Directory from DoS and Brute Force Attacks

Which security attack would you allow: opening your network up to brute force attacks or tolerating denial of service attacks? The right answer is neither, but that is not always possible!  Download our whitepaper on the Microsoft Exchange, Outlook Web, and Account Lockout Policy conundrum!