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Webinar: OWA Logon Security & Reporting

Learn how to Secure Microsoft Exchange & Outlook Web App from External Threats!

Intrusion prevention & early detection are key to successfully securing your OWA deployment. Join Messageware as we demonstrate Outlook Web App vulnerabilities to external threats, including Brute Force, Denial of Service, and Phishing, and how you can use Messageware OWA Guard to protect your OWA deployment.

Attend this webinar to learn how to:

  • Set up context-aware authentication security for OWA, such as Dynamic CAPTCHA and Geo-Location Access Controls
  • Protect your organization from Denial of Service attacks through OWA
  • Set up automated, real-time alerts to notify you about suspicious OWA logon activity as it is occurring
  • Stay informed with real-time Reporting and Analytics so that you can determine OWA usage patterns to detect, analyze, and evade threats

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Webinar: OWA Attachment & DLP Security

Learn how to Secure Microsoft Exchange & Outlook Web App from Data Leakage & Unauthorized Access!

OWA email accounts and email attachments contain sensitive corporate and personal information. When email attachments are accessed on unsecured computers, this information will often be left behind on the computer. And there are numerous ways in which an OWA session can remain active for unauthorized access by even the most conscientious user. Both of these scenarios expose your organization to the risk of falling out of compliance, lawsuits, and damage to your reputation. Join Messageware as we demonstrate these OWA vulnerabilities and show you how Messageware protects the sensitive information stored in OWA and mitigates the risk of exposing OWA sessions and confidential data.

Attend this webinar to learn how to:

  • Prevent data leakage and utilize your secure email solutions with OWA
  • Selectively control a user’s ability to open, save, view, or print email attachments
  • Prevent users from printing emails or copying data out of the system
  • Prevent the hijacking of open OWA accounts on untrusted computers
  • Prevent unauthorized users from accessing active OWA sessions

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