President’s Message from Mark Rotman

Happy Holidays from the staff at Messageware

This edition of the Messageware Newsletter is all about product updates. We have been busy adding to our 2013 functionality, and ensuring all our Messageware products fully support each of Microsoft’s Cumulative Updates and Rollups. If you are planning to upgrade or patch your Exchange version, then you should check with customer support or our website to confirm if you need a matching Messageware upgrade.

From our customers contact since our last newsletter, we have heard that you are increasingly interested in more security and more features for mobile OWA (tablets, phones, and the iOS OWA App). We’re looking forward to sharing in Q1-2015 a number of significant enhancements to AttachView and OWA Guard for these device platforms!

And on a final note, I would like to draw your attention to the Messageware blog entry on the left titled “Cyber-attacks launched against Outlook Web App users”. If you have interest in receiving news like this, on the topics of OWA and Exchange security, you can visit our website blog (mirrored on LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+) or subscribe to Messageware on your social media of choice.

Wishing you joyous holidays & a Happy New Year from the Messageware staff and our families to yours.

Best Regards,

Mark Rotman
President and CEO
Messageware Incorporated

Messageware Product Update for Microsoft Exchange 2013 CU7

Microsoft has just released CU7 for Exchange 2013. CU7 contains a number of minor updates and security fixes. More details are available at:

Messageware has released the Messageware 2013 OWA Server Suite version 1.4 (including updates to the individual Products to operate with the CU7 release. These products are backward compatible with the previous version of Microsoft Exchange 2013. Customers will need to install our v1.4 products prior to (or during) their upgrade to CU7.

In addition to CU7 compatibility, there have been a number of feature updates included in the Messageware v1.4 software:

  • Plus Pack 2013: Advanced Calendar Searching has been added to Plus Pack 2013 so users can more easily locate appointments and meetings, and spell checking is now available in more OWA forms.
  • TimeGuard 2013: Recently released, bringing powerful session control with a simple user interface.
  • AttachView 2013: A new mobile device friendly user interface has been applied to both TNarrow OWA (cell phones) and the OWA iOS App.
  • NavGuard 2013: Full compatibility with Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 CU7.
  • OWA Guard 2013: Additional support for connection tracking of the OWA App (iOS devices).

The Messageware 2013 OWA Client Suite version R19 is also fully compatible with Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Cu7.

Exciting Plans for Messageware Products
Q1 2015 Roadmap

The Messageware Development Team is working hard on making improvements to both the Messageware OWA Client and Messageware Server Suite. In the first quarter of the new year, customers can expect to see changes that improve the security and functionality provided to OWA users by Messageware.

The OWA Client Suite (Messageware 365), ActiveSend and OWA Desktop are being enhanced with new O365-like look and feel features, and updated authentication handling for Citrix portals and hybrid environments.

The OWA Server Suite, AttachView functionality is being driven to mobile devices to deliver the only secure (and highly-functional) attachment viewing within OWA. The Plus Pack will also receive feature upgrades including easy-to-use Advanced Calendar Search and customizable Global Address Search. We have more planned, but some features are best left as a surprise!

We are also extending Messageware OWA Guard to monitor and protect ActiveSync. When this functionality is delivered, security teams will be able to ensure it is not being used as a hidden attack vector against the organization. And, with easy to obtain statistics and reports, the health and use of ActiveSync will be readily available.

Q4 2014 Product Updates:

The following is a list of Messageware software updates that have been released since October 1, 2014

You can log onto the Messageware Customer Portal at any time for a full list of the latest available updates to your Messageware products. There you will also find the product release notes that detail all of the changes to each product.

The latest versions of Messageware Exchange 2013 Software:

  • OWA Client Suite vR19
  • ActiveSend v10.5.7.3
  • OWA Desktop v2.5.8.2
  • OWA Guard v2.3
  • OWA Server Suite v1.4
  • AttachView v1.4
  • NavGuard v1.4
  • Plus Pack v1.4
  • TimeGuard v1.4

The latest version fo Messageware Exchange 2010 Software:

  • OWA Client Suite vR15
  • ActiveSend v10.5.7
  • OWA Desktop v2.5.8.2
  • OWA Guard v2.1
  • OWA Server Suite vR2568
  • AttachView v2.3.0.1
  • CalendarPack v2.1
  • NavGuard v2.3
  • OWA Print v2.6
  • Plus Pack v2.2
  • TimeGuard v2.1.1

For assistance with updating your Messageware software, please see the following Messageware Knowledge Base articles for Exchange 2013 and 2010 respectively; 753 How to verify and upgrade to the latest version of Messageware 2013 products and 222: How to verify and upgrade to the latest version of Messageware 2007-2010 products
available through the Messageware Customer Portal of the Messageware website; or call Messageware Support at 905-812-0638 ext 2.