Realtors spend a significant portion of their day on the go. Time with clients is their most valuable commodity. And managing their time is a critical success factor. When they pause to answer customer email enquiries, they need to work quickly. Composing well-crafted responses to emails is a time-consuming task. And in their haste, agents are more interested in hammering out emails than spending time fiddling with grammar or spelling.

Email response templates will help. Mail template applications that work with your email system will allow realtors to produce higher quality responses and significantly add to the time available to work with clients. Here are 5 email responses every realtor needs to handle an email enquiry in less than a minute:

1. Response when a client reaches out

Response when a client reaches out

2. Open house follow up

2. Open house follow up

3. Start the client’s home search

3. Start the client's home search

4. Sell/rent the client’s home

4. Sell/rent the client's home

5. Under contract email

5. Under contract email

Template solutions – Some options

If your needs for automation are minimal, your budget is modest, and each of your realtors has the capability of setting up their own templates, you could have them use personal Microsoft Outlook Email Templates to create simple draft messages. Other folks have cobbled together a method using draft messages or even Outlook signature files. While many of these solutions are free, they fail to provide the message quality and productivity savings you need.

One solution that overcomes these difficulties is Messageware Mail Forms. Mail Forms offers a powerful, yet affordable alternative that is a significant improvement over Microsoft Outlook Email Templates and the other home-grown solutions. Another great thing about using Mail Forms is that it is built to support teams, saving a lot of time by having centralized forms, while the other solutions like Microsoft Templates are more suitable for individual use, not having standard forms, every user must recreate them.

Integrated with and accessible from Outlook on the desktop and web and Outlook Mobile on laptops, tablets, and mobile phones, Mail Forms works seamlessly in your Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange environments. Administrators and office managers have complete control over the configuration, deployment, and management of professional-quality email templates with custom fields and attachments. Anyone who can use Outlook email can use the wizard-driven Mail Forms.

Mail Forms will appeal to Realtors of all sizes that regularly send emails and documents to their clients. If ensuring effective business communication and improving client-facing productivity is a priority for you or a colleague, click here to download the Messageware Mail Forms product brochure. Email us at, or call us at 905-812-0638.