Microsoft 365 | Exchange Server: Notes From the Field

In this edition of notes from the field, we share how Firstline Workers at a Global Outsourcing company were struggling to maintain a high level of customer service with Outlook Web after the company migrated to Microsoft 365 and Outlook Web.

Microsoft does a great job of equipping 365 Firstline Workers with powerful communication, collaboration, and productivity experiences. However, the limitations to Outlook Web often impact their productivity – most notably, email notifications and calendar reminders.

In this case, when this Global Outsourcing company began migrating their Firstline Workers to Microsoft 365 and Outlook Web, they found the loss of Outlook desktop mail notifications and calendar reminders had a huge impact on their teams and processes.  

Users missed vital email notifications and calendar reminders for various reasons, including: not being logged into Outlook Web; a minimized browser window; or they were working in another application at the time.

They knew they needed to take action to return their messaging system to the successes they had with Exchange Server.  Initially, the company considered moving from the Microsoft 365 Firstline Worker platform to the Knowledge Worker platform ( F1/F3 to E1/E3). However, the additional licensing, deployment, and support costs associated with this for just desktop Outlook ran into the millions! Fortunately, a referral to Messageware’s software for Microsoft 365 OWA was the perfect solution for them.

Together, we implemented Messageware OWA Desktop, effectively creating a desktop-like Outlook experience for OWA for their Firstline Workers.  Now, whenever a new email arrives pop-up notifications alert the user regardless of what they are working on. As well, the notification window allows the user to deal with the new mail directly from the notification box. There is no need to go back to the full Outlook Web screen. And the same applies to calendar reminders.

With Messageware OWA Desktop, they leveraged all the benefits of Microsoft 365 OWA, without the transitional headaches.  

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