Ensuring Effective Business Communications

For most organizations, business communications involve email correspondence. Front-line staff spend a significant portion of their day sending out contact emails, meeting arrangements, and documents. However, the consistency and quality of the messages sent to clients and the staff time spent preparing emails can result in a poor customer experience. Addressing these factors could increase your sales revenue and your bottom line.

A large financial institution with a retail business unit employing 30,000 front-line sales agents and customer support workers engaged us to improve their business communications. The institution measures success by client revenue generated and client and staff satisfaction. Management set three objectives in selecting a solution:

  1. Improving and controlling the quality of the messaging sent by the reps to clients
  2. Empowering the staff and reducing the time spent preparing and sending emails
  3. Making new hires productive as quickly as possible

By achieving these objectives, management knew they would improve their overall customer experience, improve employee satisfaction, reduce the cost of sale, and contribute to increased sales velocity.

Mail Forms is designed to achieve these objectives.

Introducing Mail Forms

Mail Forms empowers your customer-facing staff to send more powerful and effective emails, with minimal effort. With Mail Forms you can easily create a standardized library of professional email messages to ensure the highest quality of communications with your customers. As a Microsoft Office Add-in it is simple to deploy and operates on any device running Outlook or Outlook Web.


Mail Forms guides your user to add information, such as customer names, dates, company references and attached files to truly personalize every email. Using Mail Forms, your organization can ensure all your frontline workers can easily send professional emails with consistent content, customized for the individual client recipient.


Benefits of Mail Forms

  1. Significantly increase productivity
  1. Allow front-line staff to stay focused on serving customers and generating business value
  2. Ensure professional business communication regardless of staff writing skills
  3. Reduce training time and onboard new staff quicker
  1. Works with Outlook, Outlook Web, Outlook Mobile on Laptops, PCs, Macs, Tablets, and Phones

Why Mail Forms?

Mail Forms by Messageware has been built in the latest Microsoft Office Add-in model, enabling integration with Office 365, One-Premises Exchange, Outlook, Outlook Web, and Outlook Mobile..   Microsoft’s latest Add-in technology provides a great platform that Messageware has utilized to build reliable, robust solutions that extend Outlook and provide exciting new functionality.

Before Mail Forms by Messageware, clever users relied on workarounds such as copy/paste from saved word files or duplicating draft emails to send standard messages. Mail Forms does away with individual workarounds …  all users can easily access a common library of email messages created by your best communicators.

Mail Forms offer users a guided form completion capability and gives business complete control over business email communications. Mail Forms is designed for outbound sales and support groups such as call centers and sales agents, where several of the following are factors:

  • It is important to maintain professional message standards
  • Staff productivity is a key success factor
  • Standard messages are sent regularly
  • There is a need to eliminate costly and embarrassing mistakes
  • Minimizing turnover and staff training costs are important

Messageware Mail Forms is another great example of how we help organizations improve and secure their business communications.