Office Add-ins for Outlook and OWA

Messageware provides Consulting and Development Services to integrate line of business apps with Microsoft Exchange and OWA. Messageware professional services draws on years of experience to deliver unique business solutions, including custom LOB apps for Outlook & OWA 2013.

What are Office Add-ins for Outlook

Microsoft Office Add-ins are a new and exciting technology built into Exchange Server and Office 365 that extends the range of functionality and utility of Outlook and OWA for both businesses and, especially, their email users. These apps are designed to work seamlessly whether you are accessing your email from Outlook or OWA, and extend the features available to the user while they are working inside their mail client.
Seeing the value and flexibility that Apps for Outlook offers, Messageware became an early adopter of this technology with Messageware TakeNote and Messageware Utility Belt.

Messageware TakeNote


Messageware TakeNote allows you to quickly and easily add private, contextual notes to an email and its sender so that your comments are easily accessible whenever or wherever you need them. This is perfect for adding information to emails to document follow up calls and interactions, or for simple reminders when for the next time you follow up with your email correspondents.

Utility Belt

 Utility Belt

Messageware Utilty Belt provides access to necessary business apps such as a time zone converter, country dialing code lookup, quick calculations, and advanced calendaring, all from within your mail client. No longer do you need to open new programs or search the web for specific information. Everything you need to conduct your daily business is available right from within Outlook and OWA.