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Messageware Software Helps Leading Retailer Deliver Medication to People in Northern Canada

Situation Imagine filling a prescription without ever meeting a pharmacist in-person or, receiving your medication via an automatic dispenser that is triggered by a pharmacist located hundreds of miles away. Thousands of people in Northern Canada are now getting their medication via The North West Company’s Northern Telepharmacy. Up until recently, the people who live [...]


Canadian Fashion Retailer Rings Up Annual Savings Using OWA Suite For Exchange Server

Situation Laura Canada has a reputation among Canadian women shoppers as distinctive as its founder, Laura Wolstein. Begun in 1930 as a single store in the heart of Montreal, Laura Canada—a family of brands that includes Laura, Laura Petites, Laura Plus and Melanie Lyne—is today a chain of 143 stores located across the country. Laura [...]


Messageware Rings up Security & Savings for Large National Retailer

Situation Millions of retail transactions are processed in the U.S. every day. Whether it’s for someone who desires to grab a quick bite to eat before they head to the office, or those needing to purchase fuel for their car, the retail industry drives nearly 70% of the U.S. economic activity. Thanks in part to [...]