When Messageware was approached by a Missouri police department to assist with administrative streamlining, Messageware had the ideal solution.

Issues at Hand

The department’s administrative staff had been complaining of no MailTo ability for attachments since moving to Office 365. Staff had to re-login to the Outlook web session before they could navigate to attach a file.

Staff also didn’t regularly use other applications in the Office product suite, so the cost associated with fully licensing all of their users for the MailTo function did not make sense for their police department.

The department also wanted to assist the desk sergeants. They were often complaining of missing email notifications, resulting in them missing important meetings and emails because persistent notifications are not built into Outlook Web.

The challenge:

  • Prevent users having to re-authenticate every they need to email an attachment due to session time-outs
  • Provide one-click MailTo functionality
  • Enable persistent reminders to assist the desk sergeants with scheduled meetings

The solution:

After understanding the customer’s requirements clearly, we recommended Messageware’s OWA Desktop and ActiveSend. ActiveSend enables the SendTo functionality to send documents and attachments directly with OWA from within Microsoft Office and other desktop applications. ActiveSend connects your computer applications to OWA, making it possible to send email directly from within your working documents.

Messageware OWA Desktop gives users complete control over their OWA session from their desktop with real time alerts, persistent appointment reminders and advanced one-click features. OWA Desktop also eliminates the need for a log-on every time a user would like to view or send a message or access their calendar. Click here to learn more about OWA Desktop.