When an Australian family-owned apparel retailer found Office 365 hindering their 500+ employees they turned to Messageware.

The issue at hand:

A customer since 2016, their business uses over one hundred Office 365 K1 Kiosk accounts for their retail stores. As none of these kiosks have mail clients installed on their local computers, they were looking for a solution that ran seamlessly in the background, improved workflow and reduced the time of their administrative tasks.

The challenge:

  • Develop self-mailing PDF’s which ActiveSend detects and automatically emails via Outlook Web
  • Avoid the hassle of additional end-user software and the support associated with it
  • Reduce the number of helpdesk tickets

The solution:

After understanding the customer’s requirements clearly, we recommended Messageware’s ActiveSend. ActiveSend can be configured to automatically send emails via Outlook Web and integrates OWA with their desktop applications in the same way that Desktop Outlook does. 

Implementing Messageware ActiveSend helped this client streamline operations by automating administrative tasks, reduced helpdesk support tickets and lowered operational expenditure by not requiring full-fledged copies of Office 365.

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