When a chain of collision repair centers in the northeast USA discovered that Outlook web was hindering their unmatchable turnaround times, they approached Messageware.

The issue at hand:

Staff capture repair estimates for submission to insurers using kiosks conveniently located beside damaged vehicles. However, submitting a vehicle collision report becomes frustrating and time-consuming because Outlook Web does not offer MailTo functionality. The customer wanted a better way to integrate OWA with their repair management software and a more Outlook Desktop-like experience.

The challenge:

  • Users have to re-authenticate every time they need to email an attachment due to session time-outs
  • The ability to retain MailTo capabilities to send documents quickly
  • Setting Outlook Web as their default client when emailing damage reports to insurance companies
  • Better integration with their repair management software, CCC One

The solution:

After understanding the customer’s requirements clearly, we recommended Messageware ActiveSend, which allows users to retain their login session, set OWA as their default mail client, and integrate OWA with their desktop applications in the same way that Desktop Outlook does. 

ActiveSend also enables the MailTo functionality within web pages, allowing users to compose emails using OWA quickly. These two functions bridge the gap in functionality and are not available natively in OWA.

Implementing Messageware ActiveSend helped this client deliver on their promise of impeccable quality and unmatchable speed.

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