Last year, Microsoft announced a new servicing model for Exchange Server, with two Cumulative Updates (CUs) per year. However, Microsoft won’t be releasing a second CU for 2023.

There are two more CUs on the horizon for Exchange Server 2019: CU14 (H1 2024) and CU15 (H2 2024). The release date for CU14 has shifted to January 2024, with anticipated features such as TLS 1.3 support, an S/MIME control fix, and Extended Protection on by default.

Now, you might be wondering about Microsoft ending mainstream support for Exchange 2019 on January 9, 2024. Microsoft will still release the two CUs and security fixes beyond that date.

According to the Exchange Server roadmap, Microsoft plans to support the next version of Exchange Server beyond October 14, 2025. Expect more information to come regarding naming, features, requirements, and pricing in the first half of 2024.

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