These days, it’s challenging to read anything about the Internet without stumbling across an article about security concerns. Recent events have brought online security and Internet confidence to the forefront once again. We, at Messageware, think this is a good thing – a very good thing. We want you to be thinking about it, to be talking about it and to learn about how you can ensure the security of your systems.

Of particular concern for the majority of people is email security. Think of the content that you and your clients include in emails: personal information, contract details, credit card information, passwords, travel dates, etc – just the type of information that could put any individual and any organization at risk.

What is OWA Guard?

OWA Guard is designed to protect your Outlook Web (OWA) users with critical layers of security that safeguard user logon and account data, empowering them with the information and tools needed to recognize logon attacks, hacking, phishing and even password corruption. With the ability to provide real-time reporting and alerts of suspicious logon activity, OWA Guard allows you to easily monitor risks to your OWA system and works with Microsoft Exchange 2013, 2010 and 2007.

With a focus on advanced logon intelligence, access controls and reporting, OWA Guard gives you the most up-to-date analysis and risk management system possible. Designed with you, the administrator, in mind, Messageware OWA Guard lets you ensure the integrity of all user accounts and corporate data.

When asked about the security of your system, you can answer with a confident Yes – knowing that OWA Guard is working behind-the-scenes to monitor, analyze and alert you to any potential risks or hazards. To learn more about these security risks, read our whitepaper titled Protecting Outlook Web App & the Active Directory from Denial of Service and Brute Force Attacks.

What you Need to Know About OWA Guard

OWA Guard is focussed on the security of your enterprise and gives you the tools you need to manage, monitor and report all activity:

  • Dynamic OWA Captcha and Recent Activity Page: feel confident and protected from unauthorized logon attempts, password guessers, phishing attacks, automated brute-force attacks and man-in-the-middle attacks.
  • Customizable Logon Policies and Security Checks: configure logon policies to mesh with your internal corporate security plans.
  • Reporting Services: integrated and customizable ready-to-use services that allow you to create, deploy and easily manage your security data. OWA Guard works with your system and fits seamlessly with your security policies.
  • Track and Record all Logon Activity: strengthen your security policies with the ability to track, monitor and record usage patterns. This key knowledge allows you to evade and analyze threats rather than spending time recovering from an attack.
  • Increased Security Awareness: both you and other users can be at ease, knowing that all communication is secure. Empower your users with this enhanced security awareness, helping to significantly reduce attacks and vulnerability.

To gain insight into your Outlook Web security and to better understand the risks that you and your organization are exposed to, take our 10-minute OWA security audit. And don’t forget to download a free trial of OWA Guard to experience firsthand how you can improve your security.


Security and Productivity Equal Happy Users

You want a secure Exchange system. Your boss wants to know that your organization is protected and safe from external attacks. Your users want to have the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing that their emails are protected.

Bring confidence, security and ease-of-use to your network with Messageware’s OWA Guard. Feel confident about your security and keep everyone happy.