Microsoft 365 | Exchange Server: Notes From the Field

In this edition of notes from the field, we share how a large Healthcare Provider was caught by surprise when they discovered that Microsoft 365 and Outlook Web broke their ability to email vital documents from their Human Resources intranet portal.

In this case, the portal was hosted on the Citrix Virtual App framework, making things particularly tricky…

Before their cloud migration, users were able to attach and send HR policy documents from within the system. However, limitations in Microsoft 365 Outlook Web meant this feature was no longer working or available … their search for a solution led them to Messageware.

After assessing the situation, our team worked with the Healthcare Provider’s messaging and Citrix specialists to implement Messageware ActiveSend within the Citrix Virtual App / HR Portal system. With modern authentication processes in place and our application applied, employees, regained their ability to email HR Policy documents from within the HR Portal and with Microsoft 365 Outlook Web.

Messageware ActiveSend gives administrators the ability to set Outlook Web 365 as the default mail client, and in this case, the windows SendTo/MailTo functionality made it possible for 20,000+ users to continue to leverage their Citrix-Virtualized App / HR Portal with their Microsoft 365 Outlook Web accounts.

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