Microsoft 365 | Exchange Server: Notes From the Field

In this edition of notes from the field, we share how a Global Manufacturing company’s messaging team was struggling to make Microsoft 365 a success. A single comment summarized the many challenges their Firstline workers were facing:

We’ve run into use cases where we are bumping up against limitations of either the Microsoft 365 subscription or Outlook Web.

The manufacturer was in the process of expanding their Microsoft 365 environment when they started running into several use cases where Outlook Web was becoming challenging:

  1. Firstline workers were struggling to send emails from within their line-of-business applications that notify shipping companies of consignments ready for collection.
  2. Firstline workers involved in Customs compliance needed the ability to view XML files (Outlook Web blocks .xml by default and they were reluctant to disable this security measure) Product Development and Test workers were missing important calendar and email notifications.

Each of these use cases initially involved up to fifty team members, but the situation had the potential to grow exponentially as they continued their Microsoft 365 global on-boarding.

Together we discussed a combination of Messageware ActiveSend and OWA Desktop.

  • First, ActiveSend enables the ability to send documents and messages from within 3rd party/LoB applications.
  • Second, Messageware OWA Desktop’s pop-up “new mail” and calendar reminder notifications, as well as at-a-glance unread counts, ensure their teams would never miss emails and appointments.
  • And third, we looked at the creation of a simple Outlook/Outlook Web Add-in that could present web-viewing of their XML attachments.

With a combination of Messageware off-the-shelf software and a custom development project, all the great benefits of Microsoft 365 OWA could be leveraged.

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