Odds are, many of your day-to-day tasks are variations on something you’ve done hundreds of times before. In customer facing organizations this means responding to a variety of similar customer inquiries, typically via email.

In most organizations, savvy staff avoid reinventing the wheel every time a customer response is required. Instead, they re-use previously stored message fragments with text and formatting as a starting point for new work.

However, how much does this approach really improve frontline worker productivity and the end customer experience?

For one global financial services organization this meant creating and maintaining 30 email “drafts” in Microsoft Word. To respond to a customer inquiry, staff had to search through a folder of draft emails, locate the one best suited for responding to the client, copy the content and paste it into Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Web, then edit the email by replacing highlighted content – for instance, customer name, policy type, most appropriate answer, and other inquiry-specific changes.

Obviously, this process is prone to errors resulting in less than professional responses to customer queries. And staff found themselves struggling with formatting issues when copying and pasting Word files into email. To solve the problem they turned to Messageware for a Microsoft Office Add-in that would streamline the process.

Messageware Mail Forms matched their requirements perfectly, giving their front-line workers the ability to quickly and professionally respond to customer queries.

Now employees can simply click on the Mail Forms Add-in from within Outlook, Outlook Web and Mobile, and select whether they want to create a new email or reply to an existing one.




Next, they select a professional email response from a library of templates created by your best communicators. Once they have selected a Mail Form, they are presented with wizard driven prompts to customize their response using personalization options within the content, allowing them to add customer and situation-specific information.


Mail Forms Email Creation


Mail Forms ensures effective business communications by giving you the ability to:

  • Create a uniform style for messages that looks and works exactly the way you need it to
  • Design consistent and appealing messages, without coding, with our easy to use form design app
  • Customize colors, fonts, and more to match your corporate branding
  • Add logos and images to your messages
  • Attach documents to the messages, to easily send standardized information to interested clients

And because Mail Forms is a Microsoft Office Add-in, it works with Office 365, On-Premises and hybrid Exchange, and integrates with Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Web and Outlook Mobile on Laptops, PCs, Tablets or Phones.

Empower your staff and drive productivity

  • All of your staff can be professional communicators regardless of their writing skills
  • Save time that would be spent typing out messages or finding and customizing previous emails
  • Allow front-line staff to stay focused on serving customers and generating business value
  • Reduce training time and on-board new staff quicker

Mail Forms will appeal to Line of Business divisions with call centers, sales groups and support organizations that regularly send emails and documents to their customers.  If ensuring effective business communication and improving customer-facing productivity is a priority for you or a colleague in a business unit, click here to download the Mail Forms product brochure, or call us at 905-812-0638.