OWA Guard

OWA Guard v2.0 provides advanced server authentication security and real-time reporting and alerts of suspicious OWA logon activity.

Messageware has announced the release of OWA Guard v2.0 – the one and only in-application security solution for Outlook Web App that provides the intelligence enterprises need to maintain the health of their organization.

OWA Guard’s in-depth analytical reporting, combined with user and system alerts provide the most complete OWA access security solution on the market today.

In order to achieve the benefits of anywhere, anytime access, Exchange CAS servers (OWA) must be exposed to the internet, making them ideal access targets. Until now, it has been very difficult for security administrators to identify and manage the risks that OWA presents. With OWA Guard, enterprises have the tools and real-time information that is needed to ensure the integrity of users’ accounts and corporate data. IT administrators and security professionals can immediately analyze, customize and refine their security policies. When armed with information, companies are able to defend and identify a multitude of modern-day attack threats.

With new OWA Guard v2.0, suspicious activity detection has been increased with the addition of the first ever dynamic CAPTCHA for OWA.  After a defined number of logon failures within a given time period, a CAPTCHA challenge is presented to the user. In addition, automatic IP filtering and enhanced reporting is also provided.

OWA Guard’s complete features include the following, among others:

  • Optional OWA CAPTCHA and recent activity page
  • Dynamic CAPTCHA option for increased suspicious activity detection
  • Automatically updated IP filtering and IP block lists
  • Fully customizable  and configurable logon policies  and security checks
  • Reporting to help create, deploy and manage OWA security data
  • Ability to identify suspicious behavior using automatic alerts
  • Track and record all logon activity

As a system admin, are you able to tell if any of your users have been compromised by a suspicious connection?

With OWA Guard, administrators can review reports for any suspicious activity such as connection attempts coming from a geographical area where the company does not normally do business, or a system alert indicating a high number of failed logon attempts. The Administrator can look up the IP address of the attempted or failed logons and quickly determine which users have been attacked or compromised.

For example: Using the OWA Guard Reporting Manager, Administrators can call up the report that shows the failed logon attempts by country. Drilling into this report, they will see all of the users (or third parties) that have attempted to logon from each location.  Going a step further and using one of the IP addresses that attempted to access a user account from the last report, administrators can run a restricted roll-up report for this suspicious IP address and group by the usernames.  A quick scan of this data immediately identifies the point at which failed logons turned into successfully compromised accounts, and which accounts were accessed!

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