Messageware’s Exchange Protocol Guard (EPG) gives organizations peace of mind that their key messaging protocols are protected.

Toronto – Jan 23, 2020: Messageware, Inc., the leader in Microsoft Exchange security and productivity tools, today announced the release of Messageware Exchange Protocol Guard (EPG).

Messageware EPG is unique in that it provides on-premises Microsoft Exchange Servers and Administrators with logon intelligence and security controls for the most widely used messaging protocols. Whether or not you’re running multifactor authentication (MFA/2FA), Messageware EPG offers much needed, additional security.  EPG includes a sophisticated set of access controls, informative reporting and real-time risk monitoring for ActiveSync, AutoDiscover, ECP, EWS, MAPI, and OWA.

Mark Rotman, President of Messageware, said: “Our goal in offering EPG is to deliver advanced logon intelligence and control for Microsoft Exchange Servers by actively monitoring potential risks from attacks across multiple Exchange messaging protocols that are often left unprotected, even with 2FA software.”

Microsoft has identified protocol exposure issues with Office 365 and is planning to implement additional protocol protections during 2020. For organizations with On-Premises Exchange who want to strengthen their Exchange security, there is Messageware EPG.

Messageware EPG has been adopted by organizations across the globe, giving them the peace of mind that a sophisticated set of access controls and real-time monitoring tools are protecting their organizations from potential risks associated with key messaging protocols.

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