It feels like Groundhog Day again as Microsoft has finally pulled the plug on their latest Windows Phone. Joe Belfiore delivered the official confirmation last week… on Twitter. How times have changed with the 140-character announcement. Although, I suppose the writing was on the wall when Bill Gates conceded to Fox News that the phone he uses is an “Android phone with a lot of Microsoft software.”.

As Microsoft’s focus shifts away from the mobile phone hardware and phone O/S, they are putting a full court press on the mobile market with Mail Add-in support in Outlook for Android (in addition to Outlook for iOS). Users can already find Mail Add-ins for a slew of Microsoft products including Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Translator, Outlook Customer Manager, and third-party products such as Trello. At Messageware we have been working with the Outlook and Outlook Web Mail Add-ins since its first launch under Microsoft codename Agave with Exchange 2013. Happily, the latest announcements validate our investments in this area, and we will be announcing exciting new corporate Mail Add-ins in the new year. We have also made our expertise available to our clients who are looking for specialized Line of Business add-ins. We would be happy to speak to you about what is possible.

Microsoft’s appetite for collaboration hasn’t stopped at Mail Add-in support. I was encouraged to see how quickly Apple and Microsoft collaborated to fix the issue that prevented, Office 365, and Exchange on-premises users from sending emails using the native Mail app when iOS 11 launched. Given the significant number of people who use Microsoft email services from an iPhone (myself included), this bug had the potential to have a severe impact.

It was great to see all the Messageware users who came by our Ignite 2017 booth to say hello and see a sneak preview of our upcoming Outlook Add-ins! And, from the Ignite session “Secure Exchange on-premises as well as Microsoft secures Exchange Online” we’ve written a blog post that you might find interesting on the topic of “Password Scatter Attacks”. If you’re one of our blog subscriber’s, we’ll automatically send you a copy. If not, keep an eye on our blog or subscribe here.

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