New Messageware OWA Guard goes beyond the perimeter to prevent growing number of Outlook Web App in-application vector attacks.

June 18, 2012, TechEd North American 2012, Orlando, FL – Messageware, (, the world’s leading provider of enterprise security, productivity and customization solutions for Microsoft Office Outlook Web App (OWA), today released Messageware OWA Guard, the first-ever endpoint security solution for OWA, at TechEd 2012 in Orlando, FL. OWA Guard enables enterprises to realize the benefits of OWA by preventing indiscriminate and targeted attacks that can provide an entry point into corporate networks. The solution is being demonstrated at TechEd and is available for purchase immediately.

“For years we’ve been hearing from IT administrators worldwide that they are experiencing a growing number of attacks on their remote messaging systems,” said Mark Rotman, President & CEO of Messageware. “Perimeter security solutions, social engineering and user training are no longer enough. OWA Guard is the only solution that adds an additional, critical layer of security within Outlook Web App that specifically
protects the user’s logon and account data.”

Messageware OWA Guard applies advanced security sign-on measures that empowers the user and the security administrator with the information and tools needed to recognize and protect the integrity of OWA. The enterprise software solution detects and assists users in identifying account compromises from unauthorized individuals, automated brute-force attacks, phishing, password guessers, man-in-the-middle attacks, and key loggers while simultaneously monitoring the overall security health of Exchange.  OWA Guard also restricts logons from countries or geographic areas where normal business operations are not expected, or known hacker communities exist. Key features include the following:

  • Enables users to easily identify phishing
  • Detects and blocks brute-force attacks
  • Uncovers and avoids man-in-the-middle servers
  • Recognizes key-logged account credentials
  • Roaming and in-office sign on policies
  • Key administrative alerts of suspicious activity
  • Roll-up and administrative reports of enterprise authentication activity

Since 1993, Messageware has been providing security solutions that enable organizations worldwide to deploy OWA with the confidence that their users and corporate information are protected, and email sessions are secured. Over 2,500 companies and 5 million users, including several of the Fortune 50 in finance, insurance and banking and a host of global, federal and military agencies rely on Messageware AttachView, TimeGuard
and NavGuard to protect OWA.

Live demonstrations of OWA Guard is now being conducted at TechEd North America 2012 in booth #2133 through June 14, 2012. For more information, visit