June 4, 2013, TechEd North American 2013, New Orleans, LA – Messageware, (http://www.messageware.com), the world’s leading provider of enterprise security, productivity and customization solutions for Microsoft Office Outlook Web App (OWA), today released two new solutions at TechEd 2013 in New Orleans, LA that are designed to add value to Microsoft messaging environments—Messageware Utility Belt for Microsoft Outlook 2013 and Microsoft OWA 2013, and Messageware OWA Guard 2.0 for Exchange 2013.

“By releasing these two very unique solutions and continuing to help companies globally to be both as productive as possible while protecting their assets, we’re reinforcing our position as leaders in the messaging market at TechEd,” said Mark Rotman, President & CEO of Messageware.

Messageware was one of the first Microsoft ISV’s to develop an Outlook App for the Microsoft App Store and now they are releasing their second App, Messageware Utility Belt. While working within Outlook or OWA, users routinely need to go outside of the application in order to accomplish everyday tasks, such as scheduling a conference call, tracking the amount of time they’ve spent on a project or to determine how to phone a colleague overseas. This constant back and forth can add up to lost time and productivity, which is why Messageware has created Utility Belt, a bundle of six simple applets that can be accessed with a single click from within either Outlook or OWA 2013. Messageware Utility Belt contains the following features.

  • Calendar – Full-featured calendar enables users to see days, months and weeks ahead for easy scheduling of all kinds of activities, includes the ability to select date ranges and jump ahead by set time intervals.
  • Calculator – No more having to reach for an on or offline calculator because this in-application calculator enables the computing of things like contract revenue and compensation with just the click of a button.
  • Stopwatch & Countdown Timer – This time tracking tool is ideal for project management and hourly consultants, and even helps to ensure you don’t miss important meetings. Best of all, it continues running in the background while you are working, regardless which application you are using.
  • Time Zones – Online time zone conversion tools are confusing at best. This user-friendly global conversion tool helps schedule meetings, conference calls and other important events without the heavy lifting. Includes the ability to look up the time by time zone, location, or UTC offset.
  • Area & Dialing Codes – Say goodbye to searching for country and area codes online because this handy tool quickly finds country and region dialing codes, helps you to determine a contacts location and even a reverse look up feature by country, region or country code so that individuals can see where someone is calling from. Includes support for all countries and major cities.
  • Daily Quote – Ammunition for the coffee cooler or Facebook inspiration, this fun feature delivers a different inspirational quote every day.

“We are pleased to see ISVs such as Messageware, building Apps for Exchange 2013 that work in the cloud and on-premise,” said Arun Kumar, ISV Partner Manager for Exchange and Office 365 Suite. “As more of our customers deploy cloud-based solutions, Apps such as Messageware’s Utility Belt add value to the Office 365, Exchange Online, and Exchange On-Premises experience.”

To help enterprises prevent OWA-based security breaches before they arise, Messageware is also introducing OWA Guard 2.0 for Microsoft Exchange Server 2013, the latest and greatest version of this sought-after solution. Often overlooked, but rapidly rising in number because Exchange CAS Servers are always exposed to the internet and to a multitude of modern-day password attack threats, Messageware diminishes the risk of OWA-based breaches by providing a sophisticated set of access controls and real-time monitoring, including user and system alerts and in-depth analytical reporting. The first and only solution of its kind, Messageware OWA Guard 2.0 works hand-in-hand with Microsoft TMG (Threat Management Gateway) and UAG (Unified Access Gateway) servers to identify threats before they occur. This major upgrade includes the following features.

  • Customizable Dynamic CAPTCHA and authentication to detect events and further defend user accounts.
  • Customizable logon policies and security checks that are configurable with individual corporate security plans.
  • Reporting modules provide a full range of ready-to-use analytics for the assessment, management and fine-tuning of an organization’s data security.
  • Automatic system alerts identifies and reports suspicious behavior in real-time.
  • Recent activity pages and interactive user alerts assists in reporting suspicious connections.
  • Track and record all logon activity to trace usage patterns and to detect, evade, and analyze threats.

Since 1993, Messageware has been providing security solutions that enable organizations worldwide to deploy OWA with the confidence that their users and corporate information are protected, and email sessions are secured. Over 2,500 companies and 5 million users, including several of the Fortune 50 in finance, insurance and banking and a host of global, federal and military agencies rely on Messageware AttachView, TimeGuard and NavGuard to protect OWA.

Live demonstrations of OWA Guard are now being conducted at TechEd 2013 in booth #2210 through June 6, 2013. For more information, visit www.messageware.com.