OWA Guard 2.0 for Exchange Server 2007 and 2010 now available; accepting applications for Exchange Server 2013 beta participants.

February 25, 2013, RSA Conference 2013, San Francisco, CA – Messageware (http://www.messageware.com), the world’s leading provider of enterprise security, productivity and customization solutions for Microsoft Office Outlook Web App and Outlook Web Access (OWA), today announced the release of Messageware OWA Guard 2.0 for Exchange Server 2007 and 2010, which is now being demonstrated at the RSA Conference in San Francisco. The one and only in-application security solution for OWA that provides the intelligence enterprises need to maintain the health of their infrastructure, OWA Guard has been enhanced with a host of sought-after features, including dynamic CAPTCHA.

“OWA is an easy entry point into corporate networks, but is one that is often overlooked,” said Mark Rotman, President & CEO of Messageware. “With OWA Guard, organizations can see, for example, if they are being targeted by countries they have no presence in and make changes immediately to mitigate disaster before it happens.”

Created for today’s companies who need up-to-date information to ensure the integrity of their users’ accounts and their corporate data, OWA Guard operates silently in the background, providing the security intelligence, reports and alerts needed for IT administrators and security professionals to immediately analyze, customize, and refine their security policies. Armed with information, companies are able to defend modern-day threats, such as brute-force, dictionary and man-in-the-middle attacks as well as password guessers, phishing and key-loggers.

With new OWA Guard 2.0, suspicious activity detection has been increased with the addition of the first-ever dynamic CAPTCHA for OWA. After a defined number of logon failures within a given time period, a CAPTCHA challenge is presented to the user. In addition, automatic IP filtering and enhanced reporting is also provided. OWA Guard’s complete features include the following.

  • Optional OWA CAPTCHA and recent activity page
  • Dynamic CAPTCHA option for increased suspicious activity detection
  • Automatically updated IP filtering and IP block lists
  • Fully customizable and configurable logon policies and security checks
  • Reporting to help create, deploy and manage OWA security data
  • Ability to identify suspicious behavior using automatic alerts
  • Track and record all logon activity

“Our 50,000 of our users rely heavily on OWA to stay connected while at the hospital and off-site so when an audit revealed security concerns we began looking for options,” said Albert Madruga, Exchange Engineer for Dignity Health. “Although we looked at a number of solutions, Messageware OWA Guard did everything we wanted it to and more—provided robust reporting, geo-blocking and facilitated CAPTCHA for all of our users. Peace of mind that we are protecting patient information and ensuring we are meeting regulations is important to us and we have both of those with OWA Guard.”

Since 1993, Messageware has been providing security solutions that enable organizations to deploy OWA with the confidence that their users and corporate documents are protected, and email sessions are secured. Over 2,500 companies and 5 million users, including several of the Fortune 50 in finance, insurance and banking and a host of global, federal and military agencies, rely on Messageware AttachView, TimeGuard and NavGuard to protect OWA.

Messageware OWA Guard 2.0 is available immediately. Live demonstrations are being conducted at the RSA Conference 2013, Booth #2550, February 25 – March 1, 2013 in San Francisco, CA. Companies worldwide are invited to participate in the free beta by going to www.messageware.com/products/owaguard/.