Congratulations to the Microsoft Exchange team on the release of Exchange 2016!

Exchange Server 2016  brings innovation to a broad set of areas, including individual productivity, team collaboration, and information governance. In the words of Microsoft:

“Most of the new features in Exchange Server 2016 were birthed in the cloud and then refined in a feedback loop that includes millions of mailboxes deployed worldwide. The same is true of back-end improvements to Exchange architecture, high availability, and storage. We are now working to bring these elements to the diverse world of on-premises environments.”

The Exchange 2016 Team

And, to give you even more good news, Messageware is proud to announce the release of seven software products for Exchange 2016! Our 2016 product line includes our Exchange security and productivity enhancement products on the server, our Apps for Outlook products and several unique desktop solutions designed especially for the OWA user.

Messageware OWA Desktop, for example, mirrors the traditional desktop experience, but with the added benefits of the thinner, browser-based Outlook on the web. Messageware ActiveSend, on the other hand, makes it easier to send email from within Microsoft Office and other applications, enabling document – SendTo functionality. Needless to say that Messageware’s desktop solutions are compatible with both on-premises Exchange 2016 and Microsoft Office 365.

With Messageware 2016, administrators will be able to easily apply their corporate security policies. As for users, they will seamlessly receive an Outlook web experience that aims to deliver a combination of extended functionality and enhanced security.

“Exchange 2016 has benefited from the technology advancements in Office 365 and Exchange Online. The new on-premises version enables third parties to deliver key security and features not previously possible.

Messageware products bring secure document viewing and control, data loss protection, advanced logon security and enhanced usability to Exchange.”

Mark Rotman, President & CEO of Messageware