We’ve seen a wave of cyberattacks and data breaches that swept across the globe with multiple zero-day exploits discovered in Exchange Online and On-premises. Microsoft is urging admins to protect their Exchange Servers by keeping Exchange servers updated with the latest CUs and SUs. “Attackers looking to exploit unpatched Exchange servers are not going to go away.”

We’ve been looking at this activity and our team has created one of our biggest security updates to Messageware EPG! We are excited to announce that we are partnering with Spamhaus, global leaders in IP reputation data, to integrate their real-time threat intelligence database with EPGs enhanced IP Filtering and Blocking.

This integrated solution provides blocking of devices and IP addresses that are:

  • infected with malware and viruses
  • hijacked or compromised by 3rd party exploits
  • maliciously attempting to penetrate your server
  • known botnets
  • hijacked or leased by cybercrime

Here’s a very interesting support case that we had over the holidays that we’d like to share:

A C-Level executive called their IT Support team as they were not able to connect to email.  After reviewing the EPG data, it was determined that the executive’s internet IP had been placed on a malware block list and the connection was being rejected!  Over the holidays malware on a personal device had been accidentally downloaded and went undetected within the home network. A few malware scans later and ISP updates and they were both safe & fully operational again.

The executive was extremely grateful and completely on-board with the approach that networks with malware be blocked, regardless of the device, from connecting to the corporate network. Do you think the VIPs in your organization would agree?

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If you are not protecting all the protocols used by your Exchange Server, you’re putting your company at a higher risk of a data breach. Security incidents happen frequently. They cause disruption, loss of data and risk the reputation of your company.

Wishing you all the best,


Wishing you the very best,
Mark Rotman
President and CEO
Messageware Incorporated