Exciting news, MEC (The Microsoft Exchange Conference) is back! The biggest Exchange gathering of the year will be taking place ‘virtually’ Sept 13-14, 2022. It’s been 8 years since the last MEC and we’re excited for candid Q&A and hearing more from Microsoft on the future of Exchange Server.

Here’s a link to the registration – https://aka.ms/MECAirlift!

Released: August 2022 Exchange Server Security Updates

Microsoft has released security updates (SUs) for vulnerabilities in Exchange Server 2013, and 2019. Updates are available here:


The Road Ahead

In other news, Microsoft Exchange officials have provided some answers to what’s in store for the next release of Exchange Server. In June this year, the Microsoft Exchange Team posted an updated roadmap for the next version of Exchange Server targeting 2025 for the next major Exchange Release. More details on naming, features, requirements, and pricing will be made available in the first half of 2024.

Regarding why the product was delayed, Microsoft posted: “In March 2021, we confronted a serious reality: state-sponsored threat actors were targeting on-premises Exchange servers.” The Redmond giant responded to these threats by releasing a number of SU – Security Updates.

2022 continues to be a challenging year for Microsoft on the security front as a new wave of malware attacks targets Exchange servers. To stay ahead of the wave, Microsoft has launched a security vulnerability bounty program for Exchange Server and other Office Server products via the Microsoft Applications and On-Premises Servers Bounty Program.

Messageware is committed to helping secure organizations by combining Microsoft Exchange Server security updates with Messageware’s Server Guard (EPG) for an improved security posture! If we haven’t spoken recently, now is a great time to reach out and see our security solutions.


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