The last few months have been busy. Lets look at the happenings and news from the Exchange Server Community:

MEC Technical Airlift

We hope you attended the Microsoft Exchange Conference ( MEC Technical Airlift ) and had an opportunity to engage with the community and listen to the keynote with Rajesh, Perry, and Jared. In case you missed it, the keynote takeaways were Security, Modernizing infrastructure, and Updating to Exchange 2019 and an ongoing commitment from Microsoft’s to their on-premise customers.

The complete 2022 Microsoft Exchange Community (MEC) Technical Airlift conference sessions are viewable here:–2POisC5XcDQxUXHhWsoZc9

On-Premise Chosen over Microsoft 365 due to Server Privacy Concerns

Recently a number of news articles crossed my desk that surprised me. In an ongoing battle that started in 2018 with the EU. An excerpt from the September 2022 article published by techgenix as “Germany Forces a Microsoft 365 Ban Due to Privacy Concerns” highlights the preferred use of On-Premise or non-Microsoft solutions over Office 365.

I do find this issue interesting and, as many of you, appreciate that Microsoft remains committed to On-Premise Exchange Server and third-parties like Messageware that continue to add value and security to deployments world-wide.

In closing, I’d like to wish you a Happy Holiday and a Healthy 2023.


Wishing you the very best,
Mark Rotman
President and CEO
Messageware Incorporated