It’s mid-December and there is lots of good news heading into the end of 2023.

Microsoft is not releasing any December Exchange Server CUs or SUs, a welcome break for those with vacations scheduled!

We are officially launching our new security product, “Z-Day Guard for Exchange Servers”.
It’s simple to install, easy to use, and extremely powerful, giving Exchange Servers a big boost in managed detection to catch exploits and unauthorized changes.

We have started a series of videos to show off how Messageware EPG’s logon security integrates into Exchange Server and protects from a variety of attacks like high volume brute force and sneaky low volume persistent password guessing.

Messageware Z-Day Guard + Metasploit / ProxyShell Video

Z-Day Guard for Exchange Servers (Z-Day) is a brand new Messageware solution focused on detection, alerting, and response to zero-day attacks and server penetrations. Z-Day actively protects Exchange servers using embedded monitoring technology that cannot be turned off by malicious software.

We can setup Z-Day with you in less than 15 minutes!
Give Z-Day a try for free:

Take 3 minutes and watch this new video where you will see how attackers use Metasploit (a powerful hacking tool) loaded with Proxyshell to attack Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 and gain command and control, and Messageware Z-Day Guard detecting the exploit in real-time!


Messageware EPG Guard + High Volume Attacks Video

Messageware EPG Guard (EPG) is all about protecting user credentials from the many kinds of logon attacks and protecting your support team that suffers from the resulting large scale Active Directory Account Lockouts that occur from these attacks.

Take 2 minutes and watch our High Volume Attacks video to see how masse brute force, dictionary, and spraying attacks lead to AD lockouts and compromised credentials. Even with 2FA/MFA, many Exchange Services remain vulnerable and cause AD account lockouts.


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If you are not protecting Exchange Server with Messageware EPG and Z-Day, you are putting your company at a higher risk of a data breach. Security incidents happen frequently. They cause disruption, loss of data and risk the reputation of your company. Contact us for more information, pricing, or a demo / free trial:

In closing, I’d like to wish you a Happy Holiday and a Healthy 2024,

Mark Rotman
President and CEO Messageware Incorporated