Software Release – EPG 3.7.6

Toronto, Canada – October 24th, 2023: Messageware Incorporated, the leader in Microsoft Exchange security and productivity tools, announced a major update of their flagship product Messageware Exchange Protocol Guard (EPG).

The following updates are now available for customers and trial users:

  • Messageware EPG 2019 v3.7.6
  • Messageware EPG 2016 v3.7.6
  • Messageware EPG 2013 v3.7.6

What’s New in EPG 3.7.6

Feature: Unicode support for recording/displaying international usernames
EPG now has Unicode support to monitor, record, and display international usernames. Exchange Server and Active Directory both provide for international characters in a way that is similar to logging on using a UPN ( With the correct environmental configuration, EPG and Exchange Server will allow usernames with international characters to logon. Note that both the Exchange Server and the Mail Client need to have matching Unicode language packs installed.

Feature: Descriptions in EPG Allow and Block IP Lists
EPG admins can now provide a description for future reference when they enter an IP manually into the Allowed and Blocked IPs area.

Feature: Alert configuration validation (UPN, e-mail, and EWS access)
During Messageware EPG startup or configuration changes, EPG validates and creates an EventLog message 801, to record the e-mail addresses associated with alerts. The EPG Service also creates EventLog message 303 to indicate whether EWS access to the alert mailboxes is operating normally.

Security Feature: Configurable SameSite cookie settings
Messageware EPG has been upgraded with httpOnly, Secure, and SameSite flags. SameSite in EPG Admin provides the option to configure the SameSite cookie settings with Lax, Strict, or None. By default, SameSite=None is used to match the Exchange Server OWA cookie settings.

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