Toronto, Canada – May 3rd, 2023: Messageware Incorporated, the leader in Microsoft Exchange security and productivity tools, announced a new version of their flagship product Messageware Exchange Protocol Guard (EPG). The latest version enhances Exchange Server security with official integration of Spamhaus threat intelligence data feeds. These feeds provide highly accurate, real-time data about systems known to be involved with malicious traffic.

Every year, organization’s Exchange Servers receive thousands of connections comprising of legitimate users, users unknowingly infected with viruses and malware, malicious servers operated by cybercriminals, cataloguing systems probing for server details, and other illegitimate (non-user) traffic. EPG’s enhanced IP filtering allows legitimate users to connect while blocking all known illegitimate and malicious sources.

Early versions of EPG combined with Spamhaus quickly detected new incidents. In one case, an employee attempted to connect from their home network which Spamhaus identified as infected with malware and viruses. In a second case, dozens of connections from systems that attempt to probe and identify weaknesses in Windows and Exchange Servers were blocked.

“I was shocked to actually see the amount of probing against Exchange servers – Most businesses are unaware of both probing and malicious traffic, making them a target for cyber-criminal behavior.” Said Mark Rotman, President of Messageware. “We are excited about launching the combined solution. For the first time, it is now easy to see, gain control of, and be alerted to unwanted Exchange Server traffic.”

“Spamhaus is excited to be working with Messageware by incorporating our real time threat intelligence feeds into EPG, and ultimately making the internet a safer place. The combined solution is a unique application of our data to help ensure email client connections are not from malicious sources, or compromised users,” said Simon Forster, CEO at Spamhaus.

Messageware’s journey to enhance EPG with Spamhaus technology began with SecurityZones, an authority reseller of Spamhaus. Our companies look forward to securing organizations worldwide that depend on Microsoft Exchange Servers.

About Messageware

Founded in 1993, Messageware is a world leader in advanced security and enhancements for Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft 365 deployments. Messageware’s solutions are trusted by organizations of all sizes world-wide.

About SecurityZones
SecurityZones, which was founded in 2010, provides access to real-time threat intelligence data from the leading global security research organizations via advanced IP and Domain blocklists and industry leading reputation data to improve defenses for both your business and your customers.

About Spamhaus
Spamhaus is the trusted authority on IP and domain reputation, industry leaders because of strong ethics, impartiality and quality of actionable data. This data not only protects but also provides insight across networks and email worldwide. With over two decades of experience, our datasets are used by a wide range of industries, including leading global technology companies, enterprise business and internet service providers. Currently, Spamhaus datasets protect over 3 billion mailboxes globally.