On April 20, 2022 Microsoft released new Cumulative Updates: Exchange 2016 CU23 and Exchange 2019 CU12. The previous Cumulative Updates were released on September 28, 2021, more than 6 months ago.

The reason for this is that Microsoft is changing its update release cadence from quarterly to bi-annual. Quarterly updates, made it difficult for larger organizations to keep up to date with Cumulative Updates, so this new bi-annual cadence will fit their planning better. This change only affects Cumulative Updates for Exchange; Security Updates will continue to be released when needed, so no changes there.

Version: Exchange 2019 CU12
Knowledge base: KB5011156

Version: Exchange 2016 CU23
Knowledge base: KB5011155

For full details, refer to this article.

We have not encountered any issues with installing the Microsoft Security Updates. We suggest that you proceed with applying the patches if you have not already.


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