Messageware Utility Belt App for Outlook facilitates faster and easier messaging by putting useful information at the user’s fingertips.

September 10, 2013, Toronto, CanadaMessageware, the world’s leading provider of enterprise security, productivity and customization solutions for Microsoft Office Outlook Web App (OWA), today announced the availability of their second App for Outlook – Messageware Utility Belt for Microsoft Outlook 2013 and OWA 2013, the first solution ever to make routine business tasks part of the desktop Outlook experience.

Like a construction worker’s tool belt that puts tools at their fingertips, Utility Belt is a bundle of six apps that put routine business tasks at a user’s fingertips. Whether it’s needing to figure out a time zone in order to schedule an important call or tracking time in order to determine billable hours, Utility Belt arms you with the tools and information you need to make quick and efficient business decisions every day.  Some of the tools include a full-featured calendar, sophisticated in-app calculator, stopwatch and countdown timer, a handy time zone conversion tool, and a fun daily quote for a bit of inspiration when you need it most.

Messageware Utility Belt in Outlook and OWA

A handy set of useful apps accessible from within the Outlook or OWA mail client

Included in the Messageware Utility Belt:

  • Calendar – Lookup days, months, and weeks on the fly for easy scheduling; select date ranges and jump ahead by set time intervals.
  • Calculator – Say goodbye to a physical calculator and save time from navigating to an online calculator; the Utility Belt calculator is easily accessible without having to leave your inbox.
  • Stopwatch & Countdown Timer – Track your time and be more efficient while working within any application.
  • Time Zones – Schedule appointments with ease by looking up time differentials by zone, location, or UTC offset.
  • Area & Dialing Codes – Call colleagues, partners, or vendors with ease, or determine where that call is coming from with this full-featured tool for all countries and major cities.
  • Daily Quote – Take a break and be inspired by our daily inspirational quotes.

“In today’s fast-paced business climate every second and minute matters,” said Mark Rotman, President & CEO of Messageware. “With Utility Belt, users can save time in their day by having what they need when they need it, and being able to stay focused on what matters most.”

Since 1993, Messageware has been providing security and enhancement solutions that enable organizations worldwide to deploy OWA with confidence, knowing that their users and corporate information are protected, and email sessions are secured. Over 2,500 companies and 5 million users worldwide, including several of the Fortune 50 in finance, insurance, and banking, and a host of global, federal, and military agencies, rely on Messageware to protect and enhance OWA.

Messageware Utility Belt includes a free subscription that can be extended in yearly increments. To learn more, follow the link: Messageware Utility Belt.