Outlook Web calendar sharing

Messageware CalendarShare

CalendarShare allows users to view multiple OWA calendars side by side, and to set permissions, adding Outlook-like features to enhance OWA calendaring.

CalendarShare adds Outlook-like features to enhance OWA calendaring, making it easier to view and schedule meetings when accessing calendars remotely. With CalendarShare OWA users are able to view multiple calendars side by side. Key features include the ability to view multiple calendars in daily, weekly or monthly views, manage both private and public calendars, and schedule and track attendees.

CalendarShare also allows users to set delegate security permissions within OWA (previously only available in Outlook) so that users can select and authorize other Exchange users to view, edit, or manage calendars on their behalf.


Side by Side Calendar

makes scheduling meetings and managing resources easier.

Set Permission Levels

Users will be able to manage delegate rights from within OWA and set permission levels with CalendarShare to allow others to view, edit or manage calendars on their behalf..

View Calendar Layouts

in different views, similar to native OWA functionality.

Audit trail logging

provides Security Administrators with the ability to monitor permissioning activity.

Works with OWA and OWA Light