Exceptional customer service includes quickly acknowledging a customer’s email with a personalized, professional response. Brands like Amazon and Zappos understand this, they have built billion-dollar empires based on delivering superior customer service. At its most basic level, excellent customer service starts with complete control of the process and a focus on delivering a higher quality customer experience.

First-line staff with professional and efficient tools to communicate with customers, such as email templates, is a key component of the customer service experience. There are numerous options available in the market today, ranging for complex integrated database and workflow solutions to basic stand-alone offerings. Choosing the correct solution to work with your customer service processes will improve connections to your customer and staff, increase productivity and reduce costs.

If your needs for automation are minimal, your budget is modest, and each of your staff work independently, you could have them use a personal Microsoft Outlook Email Templates to create simple draft messages. This simple tool is ideal for responding to ‘routine’ emails with some additional editing, but these tools are configured for an individual user so there is no control over the content or enforcement of standards. This becomes a significant scale issue for call centers, sales groups, support organizations, and other departments, especially in situations where the staff writing skills may be not be well developed and turnover is higher.

At the other end of the spectrum, HubSpot, Vocalcom, LiveAgent, Mailchimp, and a plethora of other applications offer powerful templates integrated into broader Line of Business, CRM, and Customer Service solutions. And that means a more substantial investment in technology than you may need for every staff member — including more user training, and significantly higher costs.

Messageware Mail Forms offers a powerful, yet affordable alternative that is a significant improvement over basic systems, without the cost or complexity of the multifunction solutions. Integrated and accessible from Outlook desktop, Outlook web and Outlook mobile on all devices, Mail Forms works seamlessly in your Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange environments. Administrators have complete control over the configuration, deployment and management of email templates with custom fields, and anyone who can use Outlook email can use Mail Forms with minimal training.

The benefits of Messageware Mail Forms go beyond saving time and affordability. Key advantages include personalized, professional messaging, reduced errors, and consistency of brand tone and voice, through templates that are written by your most effective communicators.

  • Personalized messaging – within the template, a wizard steps users through the personalization of the message to include customer and enquiry specific details.
  • Reduce the margin for errors – as there is no need to copy or retype each email, you remove a significant chunk of human error and risk of sending incorrect messages with potentially awkward consequences.
  • Same brand tone of voice in every communication – as your team does not need to edit the text within the email reply, any person using the template can send the email and not have to worry about “getting the message right”.
  • Wizard driven fields ensuring a customized professional message


Mail Forms will appeal to Line of Business divisions with call centers, sales groups and support organizations that regularly send emails and documents to their customers. If ensuring effective business communication and improving customer-facing productivity is a priority for you or a colleague in a business unit, click here to download the Messageware Mail Forms product brochure, reach out to us at info@messageware.com, or call us at 905-812-0638.