June 21, 2011, Toronto, Canada – Messageware (http://www.messageware.com), the world’s leading provider of enterprise security, productivity and customization solutions for Microsoft Office Outlook Web App and Outlook Web Access (OWA), today announced that TruWest Credit Union, one of the Western United State’s leading credit unions, has adopted their Messageware AttachView OWA security solution to enable their mobile administrators to view attachments securely using Outlook Web App.

Managing risk is a primary concern for any financial institution, but TruWest’s devotion to data security has always been exceptional. As far back as 1999, the Arizona-based institution with locations in Phoenix and Austin, Texas was implementing security controls for its applications and online resources that would not become industry standards until years later.

In 2006 this commitment to strong security led them to a new challenge. At the time, the 60,000 member institution was working with a reseller to install Web-based email capability for administrators who traveled or otherwise worked outside the office. OWA, Microsoft’s Web email client, was the obvious choice—but as Tom Gessel, Senior Vice President and Chief Technical Officer, explained, there was a concern.

“On occasion, sensitive data in the form of email attachments would undoubtedly be pushed out to OWA users. If even one user inadvertently allowed member information to reach unauthorized individuals, data could be compromised,” he stated. “Microsoft protects the most common types of Microsoft Office documents, but many other non-Office attachments would be vulnerable. We needed to aggressively develop a solution to close the gap.”

TruWest expressed its misgivings to its reseller. Unless a way could be found to protect opened, viewed and/or locally saved file attachments, the ability for users to view needed business attachments would be severely restricted.

Fortunately, a search of possible alternatives uncovered Messageware’s AttachView. According to Gessel, the product’s security approach addressed TruWest’s email attachment security goals.

AttachView uniquely protects enterprises from attachment risk by converting files into secure HTML pages. Over 400 file types, including all common Microsoft Office files, are included. By creating HTML equivalents, users may view virtually any attachment—including embedded messages—yet without transferring the information only the local computer where it can be viewed or downloaded by others. System administrators can set rules that control the user’s ability to open, view or print attachments based on location, user and device.

Gessel reported that training employees in using the product was smooth. “We conduct annual mobile security training for our smartphone, laptop and OWA users. People realize that we have obligations to our members and to regulators, so they understand the security restrictions,” he stated. “AttachView is designed for viewing files—if they have to edit a document, they know that they need to use a resource at the office. It’s simply part of our standard practices.”

Messageware’s AttachView is a key component of TruWest’s OWA infrastructure, ensuring that its high standards for email and email attachment security are consistently achieved.

“AttachView does what it advertises. It closes a significant area of risk for our organization,” Short concluded. “It works and works well—which is pretty much the end game for us.”